The Band
~ The Serfs ~
Gary Has A Tough Job

He is determined to make the accordion a major musical force in the 21st century.

Gary Sredzienski: Where I grew up you didn't play rock on the accordion. It was done in secret. Accordionists were labeled, discriminated against and even expelled from the 1960s Catholic Folk Mass. With Lawrence Welk giving the accordion a tacky stereotype and the Beatles popularity nailing the coffin shut, the accordion nearly became extinct in American culture as if wiped out by some virus from outer space. However, an accordion uprising began 20 years ago at a Polish wedding when a musical marriage was formed when eastern European melodies merged with rockabilly and surf instrumentals of the Portsmouth, NH based Beach Cowboys. Today the Serfs draw upon a large array of Old World musical traditions to boldly go where few believe the accordion belongs!


Gary has been a cultural ambassador for the state of New Hampshire and has performed at venues such as the Smithsonian, Kennedy Center, American and National folk festivals, a State Department sponsored performance tour of Romania and sent by Governor Lynch to perform at a festival honoring the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City. Gary has released a number of solo recordings on his own Bellow Music label. His compositions and music have been featured in a number of feature films and television sound tracks including, “Bad News Bears,” Eddie Murphy’s “Meet Dave,” CBS’s series “Love Monkey,” ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money” and NBC's "The Philanthropist." Gary hosts a weekly 1950’s style ethnic radio show, “Polka Party,” on WUNH-FM and has a devoted following. An avid swimmer, in 2008 Gary raised over $17,000 for the Krempels Brain Injury Foundation by swimming the six miles from Portsmouth to the Isle of Shoals in January.

But now Gary and The Serfs are on a mission!

~ You Will Wanna Dance ~