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~ The Serfs ~
Serf Shows

The next Serfs show is on Saturday, Feb 20 at the Pressroom in Portsmouth, NH - 9PM to 12:30AM

Although The Serfs have a light-hearted approach to their performances, the music they perform is seriously dynamic and driving. The Serfs combine elements of many differents ages, eras, nations, and cultures. Although it's really tough to pigeon hole exactly what it is that The Serfs do, if you needed to describe them with a single adjective, it woud be 'dance'. Yes, The Serfs are a dance band to be sure - a dance band with international roots. In fact, at a Serf gig you generally will not see a microphone stand on stage. There is little or no chatter between songs and if there are people having fun on the dance floor, there often is no 'between songs' as Gary leads the band seamlessly into the next song without the slightest pause. The Serfs play for the audience - plain and simple - and that audience always comes to dance.

However, despite being a dance band in every sense of the word, The Serfs bring true viruosity and creativity to their craft. This is not an ordinary band of ordinary musicians. Lead by Gary's amazing mastery of the accordion, along with his on-stage energy and ability to drive a song all by himself, The Serfs create an all-around undeniable musical experience to go with the great groove. If you're dancing, or just listening, an evening with The Serfs flies by quickly.

~ You Will Wanna Dance ~